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What if I forget my Telstra email username or password?

This article explains how to recover your email username or password and the information and devices you will require.

1. I forgot my username
o Your email address
o Your Telstra home phone number
o Your mobile number
o Your date of birth
You’ll need:
2. I forgot my email password
If your username is the same as your email address:

We can send your password to your mobile. You will need your mobile number and your phone handy.
If your username is different to your email address:

We can reset your password. You will need your username and your date of birth.

Good to know:
1. If you reset your password, you’ll also need to update your password in your modem settings.
2. If you use a non-Telstra email program like Outlook or Windows Mail, you’ll need to update your password there too.
How do I log in to Webmail?
You’ll need your Telstra email address and password:
1. Open the Login page
2. Enter your Telstra email - for example,, - and your password
3. Select ‘Log in’

Good to know:
• Once set up, it’s a good idea to bookmark or ‘Favourite’ the Log in page in your browser so it’s easy to find again later.
• What if I’ve forgotten my password?
• No problem - click here to recover your username or password.